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  • h-254-74.scoutjet.com
IP Addresses for h-254-74.scoutjet.com
No IP address of the DNS lookup for h-254-74.scoutjet.com matches the original IPFailed
DNSBL Blacklist Test Summary 0 of 223 tests done.
Results Not listed: 0 Blacklisted: 0 Brownlisted: 0 Yellowlisted: 0 Whitelisted: 0 Neutrallisted: 0 Timeout: 0 Failed: 0
DNSBL Combinedlist Test Summary 0 of 6 tests done.
Results Not listed: 0 Blacklisted: 0 Brownlisted: 0 Yellowlisted: 0 Whitelisted: 0 Neutrallisted: 0 Timeout: 0 Failed: 0
DNSBL Whitelist Test Summary 0 of 32 tests done.
Results Not listed: 0 Blacklisted: 0 Brownlisted: 0 Yellowlisted: 0 Whitelisted: 0 Neutrallisted: 0 Timeout: 0 Failed: 0
DNSBL Informationallist Test Summary 0 of 17 tests done.
Results Not listed: 0 Blacklisted: 0 Brownlisted: 0 Yellowlisted: 0 Whitelisted: 0 Neutrallisted: 0 Timeout: 0 Failed: 0
DNSBL Blacklist Test
199 0spam DNSBL 0spam.fusionzero.com Status
200 0spam KillList 0spam-killlist.fusionzero.com Status
759 h-254-74.scoutjet.com 0spam url-DBL 0spamurl.fusionzero.com Status
732 h-254-74.scoutjet.com abuse.ch ZeuS Tracker Domain uribl.zeustracker.abuse.ch Status
731 abuse.ch ZeuS Tracker IP ipbl.zeustracker.abuse.ch Status
652 abuse.ro IP RBL rbl.abuse.ro Status
720 h-254-74.scoutjet.com abuse.ro URI RBL uribl.abuse.ro Status
729 anonmails.de DNSBL spam.dnsbl.anonmails.de Status
715 AntiCaptcha.NET IPv4 dnsbl.anticaptcha.net Status
244 ANTISPAM-UFRJ orvedb orvedb.aupads.org Status
243 ANTISPAM-UFRJ rsbl rsbl.aupads.org Status
17 h-254-74.scoutjet.com APEWS Level 1 l1.apews.org Status
18 APEWS Level 2 l2.apews.org Status
78 ASPEWS Listings aspews.ext.sorbs.net Status
746 ASPnet DNSBL/URIBL dnsbl.aspnet.hu Status
746 h-254-74.scoutjet.com ASPnet DNSBL/URIBL dnsbl.aspnet.hu Status
15 Backscatterer.org ips.backscatterer.org Status
19 Barracuda Reputation Block List b.barracudacentral.org Status
23 Barracuda Reputation Block List (for SpamAssassin) bb.barracudacentral.org Status
155 BBFH Level 1 list.bbfh.org Status
156 BBFH Level 1 (@SORBS) l1.bbfh.ext.sorbs.net Status
157 BBFH Level 2 (@SORBS) l2.bbfh.ext.sorbs.net Status
158 BBFH Level 3 (@SORBS) l3.bbfh.ext.sorbs.net Status
159 BBFH Level 4 (@SORBS) l4.bbfh.ext.sorbs.net Status
757 BlockedServers NetScan RBL netscan.rbl.blockedservers.com Status
755 BlockedServers RBL rbl.blockedservers.com Status
756 BlockedServers Spam RBL spam.rbl.blockedservers.com Status
612 Blog Spam Blacklist list.blogspambl.com Status
551 Blog Spam Blocklist (empty.us) bsb.empty.us Status
551 h-254-74.scoutjet.com Blog Spam Blocklist (empty.us) bsb.empty.us Status
550 Blog Spam Blocklist (spamlookup.net) bsb.spamlookup.net Status
550 h-254-74.scoutjet.com Blog Spam Blocklist (spamlookup.net) bsb.spamlookup.net Status
438 Burnt-Tech DNSBL dnsbl.burnt-tech.com Status
266 C&CZ's own black list blacklist.sci.kun.nl Status
137 CASA CBL cbl.anti-spam.org.cn Status
138 CASA CBL+ cblplus.anti-spam.org.cn Status
139 CASA CBL- cblless.anti-spam.org.cn Status
140 CASA CDL cdl.anti-spam.org.cn Status
21 CBL cbl.abuseat.org Status
563 choon.net IPv4 DNSBL rbl.choon.net Status
38 Cymru Bogon List bogons.cymru.com Status
667 Cymru Fullbogon IPv4 List v4.fullbogons.cymru.com Status
90 dan.me.uk (only tor exit nodes) torexit.dan.me.uk Status
334 h-254-74.scoutjet.com DNS-bl ex zone ex.dnsbl.org Status
335 h-254-74.scoutjet.com DNS-bl in zone in.dnsbl.org Status
646 DNS-SERVICIOS RBL rbl.dns-servicios.com Status
710 dnsbl.ipocalypse.net dnsbl.ipocalypse.net Status
765 dnsbl.net.ua dnsbl.net.ua Status
336 h-254-74.scoutjet.com dnsbl.othello.ch dnsbl.othello.ch Status
661 dnsbl.rv-soft.info dnsbl.rv-soft.info Status
738 dnsblchile.org dnsblchile.org Status
673 DRBL vote node caravan.ru vote.drbl.caravan.ru Status
677 DRBL vote node dsbl.ru vote.drbldf.dsbl.ru Status
669 DRBL vote node gremlin.ru vote.drbl.gremlin.ru Status
674 DRBL work node caravan.ru work.drbl.caravan.ru Status
678 DRBL work node dsbl.ru work.drbldf.dsbl.ru Status
670 DRBL work node gremlin.ru work.drbl.gremlin.ru Status
737 DrMX bl.drmx.org Status
20 DroneBL dnsbl.dronebl.org Status
274 EFnet RBL rbl.efnet.org Status
276 EFnet RBL mirror rbl.efnetrbl.org Status
275 EFnet TOR tor.efnet.org Status
242 emailbasura.org bl.emailbasura.org Status
705 Fasthosts RBL rbl.fasthosts.co.uk Status
403 fnrbl.fast.net fnrbl.fast.net Status
329 forbidden.icm.edu.pl forbidden.icm.edu.pl Status
131 Habeas Infringer List hil.habeas.com Status
611 IIP Blacklist lookup.dnsbl.iip.lu Status
107 ImproWare IP based spamlist spamrbl.imp.ch Status
108 ImproWare IP based wormlist wormrbl.imp.ch Status
67 inps.de-DNSBL dnsbl.inps.de Status
385 Intercept DNS Blacklist intercept.datapacket.net Status
260 InterServer BL rbl.interserver.net Status
656 invaluement DNSBL ivmSIP (hidden) Status
657 invaluement DNSBL ivmSIP/24 (hidden) Status
658 h-254-74.scoutjet.com invaluement DNSBL ivmURI (hidden) Status
761 IPrange.net RBL rbl.iprange.net Status
147 JIPPG's RBL Project (mail-abuse Listings) mail-abuse.blacklist.jippg.org Status
703 JustSpam.org dnsbl.justspam.org Status
230 Kempt.net DNS Black List dnsbl.kempt.net Status
252 KISA-RBL spamlist.or.kr Status
754 KONSTANT DNSBL bl.konstant.no Status
261 kundenserver.de relays relays.bl.kundenserver.de Status
134 Leadmon.Net's SpamGuard Listings (LNSG) spamguard.leadmon.net Status
684 Madavi:BL dnsbl.madavi.de Status
739 Mailhosts.org IPBL ipbl.mailhosts.org Status
741 h-254-74.scoutjet.com Mailhosts.org RHSBL rhsbl.mailhosts.org Status
744 Mailhosts.org SHORTLIST shortlist.mailhosts.org Status
650 Mailspike Blacklist bl.mailspike.net Status
649 Mailspike Zero-hour Data z.mailspike.net Status
736 MAV BL bl.mav.com.br Status
712 McAfee RBL cidr.bl.mcafee.com Status
726 MegaRBL.net rbl.megarbl.net Status
214 MSRBL combined combined.rbl.msrbl.net Status
212 MSRBL images images.rbl.msrbl.net Status
211 MSRBL phishing phishing.rbl.msrbl.net Status
213 MSRBL spam spam.rbl.msrbl.net Status
210 MSRBL virus virus.rbl.msrbl.net Status
215 MSRBL web web.rbl.msrbl.net Status
204 nether.net (relays) relays.nether.net Status
203 nether.net (unsure) unsure.nether.net Status
11 NiX Spam DNSBL ix.dnsbl.manitu.net Status
3 no-more-funn no-more-funn.moensted.dk Status
734 NoSolicitado.org (hidden) Status
600 nsZones.com Dyn dyn.nszones.com Status
599 nsZones.com SBL sbl.nszones.com Status
598 nsZones.com SBL+Dyn bl.nszones.com Status
601 h-254-74.scoutjet.com nsZones.com SURBL ubl.nszones.com Status
718 Open Resolver Check dnsbl.openresolvers.org Status
201 ORBITrbl rbl.orbitrbl.com Status
433 Pedantic.org spam spam.pedantic.org Status
725 pofon.foobar.hu IP Blacklist pofon.foobar.hu Status
762 h-254-74.scoutjet.com pofon.foobar.hu URI Blacklist uribl.pofon.foobar.hu Status
697 Polar Communications Admin RBL rbl.polarcomm.net Status
659 PowerWeb DNSBL (hidden) Status
507 Project Honey Pot (http:BL) (hidden) Status
416 proxyBL dnsbl.proxybl.org Status
25 PSBL (Passive Spam Block List) psbl.surriel.com Status
113 RBL.JP all all.rbl.jp Status
115 h-254-74.scoutjet.com RBL.JP dyndns domains dyndns.rbl.jp Status
112 RBL.JP short short.rbl.jp Status
114 h-254-74.scoutjet.com RBL.JP url url.rbl.jp Status
111 RBL.JP virus virus.rbl.jp Status
764 rbl.rbldns.ru rbl.rbldns.ru Status
95 rbl.schulte.org rbl.schulte.org Status
748 rbl.talkactive.net rbl.talkactive.net Status
96 Redhawk.org access.redhawk.org Status
654 Rizon RBL/DNSBL dnsbl.rizon.net Status
255 rothen.com DynIp dynip.rothen.com Status
91 Russian Dial-up User List dul.ru Status
687 Rymsho's DNSBL dnsbl.rymsho.ru Status
688 h-254-74.scoutjet.com Rymsho's RHSBL rhsbl.rymsho.ru Status
706 s5h.net RBL all.s5h.net Status
136 sectoor TOR blacklist tor.dnsbl.sectoor.de Status
539 sectoor TOR blacklist (exit nodes) exitnodes.tor.dnsbl.sectoor.de Status
637 SenderScore bl.score.senderscore.com Status
42 SORBS Aggregate zone dnsbl.sorbs.net Status
622 SORBS Aggregate zone (problems) problems.dnsbl.sorbs.net Status
624 SORBS Aggregate zone (proxies) proxies.dnsbl.sorbs.net Status
623 SORBS Aggregate zone (relays) relays.dnsbl.sorbs.net Status
621 SORBS Aggregate zone (safe) safe.dnsbl.sorbs.net Status
58 h-254-74.scoutjet.com SORBS Domain names indicating no email sender nomail.rhsbl.sorbs.net Status
57 h-254-74.scoutjet.com SORBS Domain names pointing to bad addresses badconf.rhsbl.sorbs.net Status
55 SORBS Dynamic IP Addresses dul.dnsbl.sorbs.net Status
54 SORBS hijacked networks zombie.dnsbl.sorbs.net Status
53 SORBS Hosts demanding never be tested by SORBS block.dnsbl.sorbs.net Status
52 SORBS netblocks of spam supporting service providers escalations.dnsbl.sorbs.net Status
43 SORBS Open HTTP Proxies http.dnsbl.sorbs.net Status
45 SORBS Open other Proxies misc.dnsbl.sorbs.net Status
46 SORBS Open SMTP relays smtp.dnsbl.sorbs.net Status
44 SORBS Open SOCKS Proxies socks.dnsbl.sorbs.net Status
56 h-254-74.scoutjet.com SORBS RHS Aggregate zone rhsbl.sorbs.net Status
51 SORBS Spamhost (any time) spam.dnsbl.sorbs.net Status
49 SORBS Spamhost (last 28 days) recent.spam.dnsbl.sorbs.net Status
48 SORBS Spamhost (last 48 hours) new.spam.dnsbl.sorbs.net Status
50 SORBS Spamhost (last year) old.spam.dnsbl.sorbs.net Status
47 SORBS Vulnerable formmailers web.dnsbl.sorbs.net Status
105 South Korean Network Blocking List korea.services.net Status
527 Spam Eating Monkey SEM-BACKSCATTER backscatter.spameatingmonkey.net Status
532 Spam Eating Monkey SEM-BADNETS badnets.spameatingmonkey.net Status
528 Spam Eating Monkey SEM-BLACK bl.spameatingmonkey.net Status
529 h-254-74.scoutjet.com Spam Eating Monkey SEM-FRESH fresh.spameatingmonkey.net Status
533 h-254-74.scoutjet.com Spam Eating Monkey SEM-FRESH10 fresh10.spameatingmonkey.net Status
534 h-254-74.scoutjet.com Spam Eating Monkey SEM-FRESH15 fresh15.spameatingmonkey.net Status
535 Spam Eating Monkey SEM-NETBLACK netbl.spameatingmonkey.net Status
530 h-254-74.scoutjet.com Spam Eating Monkey SEM-URI uribl.spameatingmonkey.net Status
531 h-254-74.scoutjet.com Spam Eating Monkey SEM-URIRED urired.spameatingmonkey.net Status
695 Spam Grouper IP only list singlebl.spamgrouper.com Status
696 Spam Grouper Net block list netblockbl.spamgrouper.com Status
747 Spam-RBL.fr all.spam-rbl.fr Status
26 SpamCannibal bl.spamcannibal.org Status
398 SpamChampuru DNSBL dnsbl.spam-champuru.livedoor.com Status
27 SpamCop Blocking List bl.spamcop.net Status
640 h-254-74.scoutjet.com Spamhaus DBL Domain Block List dbl.spamhaus.org Status
6 Spamhaus PBL Policy Block List pbl.spamhaus.org Status
4 Spamhaus SBL Spamhaus Block List sbl.spamhaus.org Status
88 Spamhaus SBL-XBL Combined Block List sbl-xbl.spamhaus.org Status
5 Spamhaus XBL Exploits Block List xbl.spamhaus.org Status
2 Spamhaus ZEN Combined Block List zen.spamhaus.org Status
545 SpamLab FEB feb.spamlab.com Status
543 SpamLab RBL rbl.spamlab.com Status
195 SpamRATS! all all.spamrats.com Status
198 SpamRATS! Dyna dyna.spamrats.com Status
197 SpamRATS! NoPtr noptr.spamrats.com Status
196 SpamRATS! Spam spam.spamrats.com Status
66 spamsources.fabel.dk spamsources.fabel.dk Status
745 SpamStinks.com DNSBL bl.spamstinks.com Status
722 StopSpam.org badhost badhost.stopspam.org Status
721 StopSpam.org block block.stopspam.org Status
724 StopSpam.org dnsbl dnsbl.stopspam.org Status
723 StopSpam.org dul dul.pacifier.net Status
457 SURBL multi (Combined SURBL list) multi.surbl.org Status
457 h-254-74.scoutjet.com SURBL multi (Combined SURBL list) multi.surbl.org Status
627 SURBL xs (snowshoe and pill domains) xs.surbl.org Status
627 h-254-74.scoutjet.com SURBL xs (snowshoe and pill domains) xs.surbl.org Status
605 SwiftBL dnsbl.swiftbl.org Status
106 Swinog DNSRBL dnsrbl.swinog.ch Status
10 h-254-74.scoutjet.com Swinog URIBL uribl.swinog.ch Status
74 Technovision Spamsource List bl.technovision.dk Status
75 TechnoVision SpamTrap st.technovision.dk Status
192 h-254-74.scoutjet.com The Day Old Bread List (aka DOB) dob.sibl.support-intelligence.net Status
569 TornevallNET DNSBL dnsbl.tornevall.org Status
560 TRIUMF.ca DNSBL rbl2.triumf.ca Status
653 truncate.gbudb.net truncate.gbudb.net Status
189 UCEPROTECT Level 0 dnsbl-0.uceprotect.net Status
12 UCEPROTECT Level 1 dnsbl-1.uceprotect.net Status
13 UCEPROTECT Level 2 dnsbl-2.uceprotect.net Status
14 UCEPROTECT Level 3 dnsbl-3.uceprotect.net Status
22 Unsubscribe Blacklist UBL ubl.unsubscore.com Status
269 h-254-74.scoutjet.com URIBL black black.uribl.com Status
270 h-254-74.scoutjet.com URIBL grey grey.uribl.com Status
272 h-254-74.scoutjet.com URIBL multi multi.uribl.com Status
271 h-254-74.scoutjet.com URIBL red red.uribl.com Status
730 V4BL-FREE/DDNSBL-FREE free.v4bl.org Status
694 V4BL/DDNSBL ip.v4bl.org Status
39 Virbl virbl.dnsbl.bit.nl Status
603 WebEquipped.com block list dnsbl.webequipped.com Status
109 Woody's SMTP Blacklist IPv4 blacklist.woody.ch Status
413 h-254-74.scoutjet.com Woody's SMTP Blacklist URIBL uri.blacklist.woody.ch Status
65 WPBL - Weighted Private Block List db.wpbl.info Status
686 www.blocklist.de bl.blocklist.de Status
516 ZapBL DNSRBL dnsbl.zapbl.net Status
517 h-254-74.scoutjet.com ZapBL RHSBL rhsbl.zapbl.net Status
DNSBL Combinedlist Test
7 Hostkarma hostkarma.junkemailfilter.com Status
7 h-254-74.scoutjet.com Hostkarma hostkarma.junkemailfilter.com Status
648 Mailspike Reputation rep.mailspike.net Status
508 MXRate RBL (hidden) Status
613 Quorum.to list.quorum.to Status
683 SurGATE Reputation Network (SRN) srn.surgate.net Status
DNSBL Whitelist Test
758 0spam DNSWL 0spamtrust.fusionzero.com Status
119 Bondedsender query.bondedsender.org Status
565 Bondedsender plus plus.bondedsender.org Status
265 C&CZ's own white list whitelist.sci.kun.nl Status
141 CASA CML cml.anti-spam.org.cn Status
564 choon.net IPv4 DNSWL rwl.choon.net Status
8 DNSWL.org list.dnswl.org Status
128 Habeas SafeList accredit.habeas.com Status
132 Habeas SafeList (for SpamAssassin) sa-accredit.habeas.com Status
129 Habeas User List hul.habeas.com Status
130 Habeas User List (including Non-Verified-Optin) sohul.habeas.com Status
293 Hostkarma no blacklist nobl.junkemailfilter.com Status
293 h-254-74.scoutjet.com Hostkarma no blacklist nobl.junkemailfilter.com Status
660 inps.de-DNSWL dnswl.inps.de Status
68 ISIPP Accreditation Database iadb.isipp.com Status
150 ISIPP Accreditation Database (IADB2) iadb2.isipp.com Status
151 h-254-74.scoutjet.com ISIPP Accreditation Database (IDDB) iddb.isipp.com Status
152 ISIPP Accreditation Database (WADB) wadb.isipp.com Status
740 Mailhosts.org IPWL ipwl.mailhosts.org Status
742 h-254-74.scoutjet.com Mailhosts.org RHSWL rhswl.mailhosts.org Status
651 Mailspike Whitelist wl.mailspike.net Status
205 nether.net (trusted) trusted.nether.net Status
602 nsZones.com DNSWL wl.nszones.com Status
763 pofon.foobar.hu ISP mail relay whitelist ispmx.pofon.foobar.hu Status
525 PSBL whitelist whitelist.surriel.com Status
752 RedIRIS ListaBlanca ESWL eswlrev.dnsbl.rediris.es Status
753 RedIRIS ListaBlanca MTAWL mtawlrev.dnsbl.rediris.es Status
663 h-254-74.scoutjet.com Spamhaus DWL Domain Whitelist _vouch.dwl.spamhaus.org Status
662 Spamhaus SWL IP Whitelist swl.spamhaus.org Status
561 TRIUMF.ca DNSWL wbl.triumf.ca Status
273 h-254-74.scoutjet.com URIBL white white.uribl.com Status
541 Whitelisted.org ips.whitelisted.org Status
DNSBL Informationallist Test
542 h-254-74.scoutjet.com Abuse.net contacts.abuse.net Status
628 abusix.org Abuse Contact DB abuse-contacts.abusix.org Status
580 h-254-74.scoutjet.com AnonWhois.org list.anonwhois.net Status
279 BIT.nl all ascc IPv4 address space list all.ascc.dnsbl.bit.nl Status
382 BIT.nl all IPv4 address space list all.dnsbl.bit.nl Status
381 BIT.nl own IPv4 and IPv6 address space list bitonly.dnsbl.bit.nl Status
146 countries.nerd.dk DNSBL (zz) zz.countries.nerd.dk Status
295 Cymru origin IPv4 asn list origin.asn.cymru.com Status
296 Cymru peer asn list peer.asn.cymru.com Status
89 dan.me.uk (all tor nodes) tor.dan.me.uk Status
743 Mailhosts.org XPEWS xpews.mailhosts.org Status
117 Route Views Project asn asn.routeviews.org Status
116 Route Views Project aspath aspath.routeviews.org Status
304 SenderBaseĀ® query.senderbase.org Status
305 SenderBaseĀ® (for SpamAssassin) sa.senderbase.org Status
536 Spam Eating Monkey GeoBL (deny all) geobl.spameatingmonkey.net Status
526 Spam Eating Monkey SEM-ASN-ORIGIN origin.asn.spameatingmonkey.net Status